Mar 31, 2023  
2022-2023 University Catalog 
2022-2023 University Catalog

Educational Leadership, M.Ed.

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Student Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for MEd Educational Leadership

Students will demonstrate standards-relevant knowledge believed necessary for competent school building-level leadership practice. 

Students will apply theory and demonstrate professional reflection when engaging in problems of professional practice in educational settings. 

Students demonstrate appropriate behaviors and dispositions to be an effective school leader. 


In addition to minimum Graduate School requirements applicants must possess a standard teacher’s license, 3 years of teaching experience, provide a valid GRE score, a current resume, and letter of recommendation from the principal or district level supervisor. Admission decisions are based on all criteria considered in relationship to the need of the program and number of students who can be reasonably accommodated.

Degree Requirements:

The master’s program in Educational Leadership prepares graduates for leadership positions in K-12 school settings. Successful completion of EDAD 6800 and EDAD 6805 (6 graduate hours) allows a teacher candidate to apply to the Louisiana State Department of Education for the “Teacher Leader Endorsement” to be added to their teaching certificate. After the first 6 hours, potential students are screened for admission into the 36 credit hour program of study which results in a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. Completers of the Master’s Degree Program qualify to apply for certificate/license as an “Educational Leader Level 1”.

The Educational Leader Level 1 is an entry-level license for individuals seeking to qualify for school and/or district leadership positions (e.g., assistant principals, principals, parish or city supervisors of instruction, supervisors of child welfare and attendance, special education supervisors, or comparable school/district leader positions). An individual can move from an Educational Leaders Level 1 to a Level 2 license upon completion of the Educational Leader Induction Program and the required years of experience. A Level 3 license qualifies an individual for employment as a district superintendent.


The Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree program in K-12 Educational Leadership requires 36 credit hours, including three hours of research. The Master of Education in K-12 Educational Leadership is an approved Educational Leader Level 1 certification program by the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. A Program of Study must be completed at the end of the student’s first year of enrollment in the master’s program.

Retention and Graduation Standards

To remain in the master’s program, students must not accumulate more than two grades lower than a B and must meet all requirements of the Educational Leadership program. M.Ed. students must pass the Comprehensive Examination. The comprehensive exam cannot be taken more than twice.

Comprehensive Examination

M.Ed. degree students must pass a comprehensive examination, which must be taken near the end of the student’s degree program. The examination covers all of the core areas of the student’s field of study. The student must be enrolled at the University during the semester in which the Comprehensive Exam is taken and during the semester of graduation.

Time Limit

M.Ed. students must follow the Graduate School time limit for Master’s degrees.

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